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Students Have Options When it Comes to Getting Academic Help

October 05, 2023
By Lake Catholic

Very few students are perfect in school. Everyone needs help – whether just needing a helping hand with homework or feeling pressure because of an upcoming test. Lake Catholic is now proud to offer a few different options for all its students to get the help they might need.

Tutoring help can be found in Tutoring Lab in the back of the Media Center, where, most recently, the CBN Studio used to be.

Tutor Ohio Kids

Principal Tom McKrill has been working with the Educational Service Center of Central Ohio to bring in tutors during the school day. To that end, Lake Catholic has been approved for and accepted into the Tutor Ohio Kids program.

Established in 2022, Ohio House Bill 583 required the state Superintendent of Public Instruction to establish a program to provide tutoring and remedial education services to students in participating public and chartered nonpublic schools. Tutors placed in schools must provide services in math, science, social studies, reading, and/or English language arts.

Through this program Mrs. Christine Deighan will be on campus three days per week to tutor students in science. She is the mother of alums Kelli (class of 2015) and Ryne (class of 2017) and recently retired after more than 25 years in the Chagrin Falls School District. Mrs. Deighan will be on campus on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 10a-130p in the Tutoring Lab.

“The times were intentional so that students can meet with a tutor during their lunch period,” Mr. McKrill said.

Mr. Dennis Ebner, who teaches the on-campus CCP English class, as well as helping out throughout the English Department, will also be available for English tutoring on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the lunch periods.

Mr. McKrill is working on bringing in a math tutor as well.

“We don’t have any local applicants at this moment,” he said, “but we may begin with a virtual option until we can bring someone to campus.”

National Honor Society

If meeting with a teacher or adult tutor is intimidating or simply not the best way to learn, students have an option this year for peer-to-peer tutoring. The National Honor Society students, usually two at a time, are available in the Tutoring Lab during most periods of the day.

Students can just walk into the lab during their lunch or study hall period. No reservations are required.

“I have learned in my years in the classroom, that when students work together and help each other, both of them benefit,” said Mrs. Melissa Grai, the National Honor Society advisor. “Students have the ability to communicate with each other in a language that both of them understand. I am hoping that this will help the NHS students, as it will force them to think of the content in a new light, and it will help the students seeking tutoring, as they will understand the content.”

If the National Honor Society member(s) aren’t familiar with the subject matter, they’ve been told not to lead the student(s) down the wrong path, but instead just to be honest with them. The student should be directed back to their teacher, or for additional help.

“This is a trial year.  As the year goes on, I am hoping to make changes based on feedback from students on what is working and what is not,” Grai said. “As we progress through the year, this program may change, but I am hopeful that this will have a positive impact on the Lake Catholic community.”

At the beginning of the school year, the Dean of Academics Maghen Frindt worked to get all the students a Mentor Public Library card. One of the features associated with the card is that those students with one can create a free account with

“I would 100-percent endorse this program,” Frindt said. allows students to connect with a live tutor in an online classroom, watch videos to review concepts, take practice quizzes to prepare for tests, and review past work. Tutors screen share with students allowing them to work with someone on a math problem in live time. Students can also submit a paper and receive writing lab feedback within twenty-four hours. is completely anonymous, and covers all levels and a variety of subjects, including, but not limited to math, science, writing, English, Spanish, social studies, AP classes and even SAT/ACT prep. 

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